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Pearson: International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics | ICTCM 2023

B2B Event:  Large Format Print  /  Marketing (Digital & Print)  / Packaging  /  Templates  /  UX & UI  /  Website – CVENT (mobile & desktop)

Pearson's largest B2B Event, ICTCM 2022 discovers digital technologies that extend, connect, and expand learning experiences in new ways, strengthening connections between learners and educators. Whether they teach precalculus, statistics, teacher preparation, or differential equations, ICTCM has something for all educators. By attending ICTCM they return to their classroom ready to apply new skills, integrate educational technology into your course, and inspire students in fresh ways.

Event Highlights

In-person vs. virtual

Digital assets: Digital badge, speaker presentation templates, splash screen design, icons, banners, zoom background, social ads, HTML emails, promo ads, CVENT assets, digital flyers


On-site assets: pull-up banners, take-away flyers, postcards, signage, booth signage, wall clings, die-cut clings, editable posters and flyers, name badge

Branded Swag boxes were direct-mailed to registered attendees based on if they were in-person or virtual. Some of the swag assets included: math puzzle book, playing cards, popcorn bag, stickers, water bottle, folder, pen, and a wireless mouse.

Vector Art

Unique to ICTCM22 this repeating pattern vector art was used on all print and digital assets. The pattern was easily broken up to use on smaller assets such as web ads.


Event Branding

As design lead working with cross-functional teams to develop hundreds of print and digital assets to ensure a cohesive brand identity. From event booth design to large-scale conference experiences serving hundreds of on-site and virtual attendees.


Icons | Layout | UX | UI | Website | Web assets

Designed all web-ready assets, icons, sitemap, and a high-fidelity figma prototype before building the desktop and mobile website in CVENT, a software for planning, managing, and hosting events. RESULTS. An easy to maintain website before, during, and after the event with a cohesive branding. Attendee engagement on CVENT, especially for on-demand increased after the event for 2 months before a decreased viewing.

direct mail.jpg


How to make virtual attendees just as important as in-person?

Branded Swag boxes were direct-mailed to registered attendees based on if they were in-person or virtual. Some of the differences: in-person received a map or the venue, or some on-site vendor coupons; virtual received step-by-step instructions how to attend live virtual sessions, or on-demand. Everyone received branded notebooks, pens, stickers, even branded popcorn (yum!)

How to increase in-person numbers after a pandemic?

In-person admission discounts were offered, as well as early-bird discounts along with reminder HTML marketing emails and re-targeting web ads. Event registration and virtual attendance was also simplified based on previous years by using the CVENT platform for both desktop & mobile. Pearson's ICTCM22 event was also recognized by to send accredited and verified  a digital badges to all registered attendees.

So many assets,
so little time!

Designing 200+ cross-platform assets on a tight deadline proved possible due to the collaborative efforts of all team members involved. Effective communication and and a strict (yet unique) brand guideline for all involved to follow proved a cohesive brand throughout all cross-platform asset and templates throughout the event.


Attendance and a cohesive brand is crucial for any event. The ICTCM22 program was composed of pre-conference sessions, breakout sessions, hands-on computer mini courses (complimentary with registration), and a wide range of networking opportunities. With an increase of in-person and virtual attendees, active social media participation, and voiced excitement for what ICTCM23 will bring ICTCM22 proved successful. 

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