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Pearson Interactive Labs

B2B & B2C SaaS Marketing:  HTML email  /  Marketing (Digital & Print)  /  CEROS (interactive infographic) / 
Motion Graphics   UX

Pearson® Interactive Labs are structured around the process of science and feature real-world scenarios. These easy-to-use online labs provide guided feedback, allowing students to learn by doing. Available in Mastering® at no additional cost, the labs can be assigned as an online lab replacement or to supplement and enhance in-person labs. 

B2B & B2C Marketing Highlights


All flyers were created for both print and web viewing. Intended use as B2B and B2C leave-behind for additional information and sales team contact information.

View a Pearson Interactive Labs B2B flyer


Pearson Interactive Lab gifs were created and added to both HTML emails and Pearson website pages to a pop of visual interest.


The interactive infographic CEROS piece was a cross-functional collaborative effort designed for sales support.

HTML emails

On of the best ways Pearson stays in-touch with current and perspective B2B customers is through HTML email marketing. These B2B email marketing designs generated leads and sales for Pearson Interactive Labs. To do this, you must first identify your target market, then create a compelling offer that solves a problem they face. Each email copy was crafted specifically for the B2B Pearson Interactive Labs target market and explains the benefit for their students. Hundreds of B2B SaaS emails promoting Pearson Interactive Labs. Email layout and hierarchy was determined by me and coding the HTML emails was both completed by me as well as set up numerous templates for future use. GIFs were add to a batch of emails as well. RESULTS: Emails with GIFs achieved 2x increase in conversions in a A/B test. However when 2-3 emails were deployed in the same batch they achieved the same click-rate results.

Double-click the HTML email images to view a full screenshot of B2B marketing emails and HTML code for Pearson Interactive Labs


Marketing (Digital & Print)  /  CEROS (interactive infographic) UX

Building the Pearson Interactive Labs interactive infographic on CEROS was not only important for sales rep support but also for UX. Once the infographic was live for both desktop and mobile, my team was able to A/B test, user testing (measured the user friendliness of the infographic, was it helpful or clunky), and system evaluation (what worked, what updates needed to be implemented). Digital and Print flyers were also part of the sale’s reps leave-behind during B2B SaaS. RESULTS: This infographic was so successful it is still being used by sales reps and Higher Education professors to explain to their students how the Pearson Interactive Labs will benefit their learning.

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