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Pearson Math & Stats Campaign

B2B & B2C SaaS Marketing:  HTML emails  /   Infographics  /  Marketing (Print)  /  Motion Graphics  /  
UX & UI  /  Website

Pearson® Interactive Labs are structured around the process of science and feature real-world scenarios. These easy-to-use online labs provide guided feedback, allowing students to learn by doing. Available in Mastering® at no additional cost, the labs can be assigned as an online lab replacement or to supplement and enhance in-person labs. 

B2B & B2C Campaign Highlights


Figma prototypes created to pass along to web developers.


Animated GIFs created for web banners and email headers


Print assets for both the B2B and B2C target market.


Math & Stats DR page

  1. Wireframe sketches planned out based on final content

  2. Unique vector graphics designed in Adobe Illustrator for both the Solutions and Features sections.

  3. Final content and vector graphics added to figma prototype.

  4. Prototype and web-ready assets passed off to web developer for coding.


Check out the figma prototype

Icons / Infographic / Layout / UX & UI / Website / Web assets

Partnering with the content writer we researched the target market, created personas, and re-wrote the copy to be paired with an infographic. Once all vector assets were created and wireframe sketches approved I created a high-fidelity Figma prototype and a custom vector infographic for the Pearson Math and Stats DR page. The prototype was delivered to the web developer for final build. RESULTS: The page to date has achieved a 5% increase in conversions in a A/B test.

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